Fuji Industrial 35mm film

This unassuming film is possibly one of the greatest 100 iso films I've seen in a while! 

Images by James Juranke you can check out his work from : http://jjphotoe.tumblr.com/

The box and film canister say nothing more than the basic name, exposures & iso, plus a heap of Japanese text (Which I can't read,it looks cool though!) so you are almost expecting it to just be a factory reject, or just another type of the all-rounder Superia film. 


But is in fact a commercial film designed for professional work! 

With the introduction of NSUFG (New Super Uniform Fine Grain) technology to achieve neutral gray balance between the shadows and the highlights, it then in turn reproduces natural skin color tones. In addition, the exposure latitude is wide, giving it high image quality.

This makes it a perfect film for portraiture work! Working with 100 iso though, limits you to bright sunny days. But this is where the film reallllly shines! Normally with a lot of films you have to overexpose to bring out the shadow details, but shooting this film as box speed shows full detail in the whites, blacks & greys! In full sun, you will usually just lose all shadow detail, but as you can see in the portraits, there is the full range of tones! 

The general tone of the colours is neither too cold or too warm, which generally makes it a bit dull, but it really works for this film giving it such a natural look you could almost swear you were at the scene! 

I really think this film is up there as Fuji's competition to Kodak's portra series. Although portra does come in 400 iso, but guess what? 

So does the Fuji Industrial! There is also a 400 version available, meaning it can also be used on overcast days & indoors!

At $10 per roll, it's also a lot cheaper. Sure it's not groundbreakingly cheap, but for the images possible it's worth every penny!  

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