What Film does my Polaroid take ? 600 , Sx-70 or Other?


This is probably one of the most common question I get asked.

The first thing you need to know is which model of Polaroid camera you own or are planning to get. You can find this out by opening the film compartment of the Polaroid Camera and flipping the camera upside down with the compartment remaining open. 

There should be a sticker here saying : use 600 film / Sx-70 film / others.


At the moment there are 5 main systems that we still get films for (Integrated Polaroid, e.g. the Positive and Negative in one print).

Fujifilms carries two systems -

Fuji Instax Mini film (about credit card size film)- for Polaroid 300, Fuji instax 7s, 25, 50 and 8.
Fuji Instax Wide film (about 2x credit card size film) - for Fuji instax wide camera

Polaroid carries three systems-

Polaroid Sx-70 Films - Px70 , Px100 (square images, classic white border) - for Polaroid Sx-70 cameras

Polaroid 600 films - Px600 , Px680 (square images, classic white border) - for Polaroid 600 cameras

Polaroid Spectra / 1200 system - PZ600, PZ680 Wide format film (4' x 3' )- for Polaroid Spectra /1200 cameras.

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