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120 Film

Kodak Ektachrome E100 Colour Positive Film (120)

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Kodak's Professional Ektachrome E100 film delivers extremely fine grain, a low D-min for whiter and brighter whites. This low speed film features moderately enhanced colour saturation with a neutral colour balance and a low contrast tone scale. This film is designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash.

Note that this film is developed via the E-6 process, and produces colour positives as opposed to negatives, where the processed film's colours represent the exact colour of the original image. 

Now available in 120 format!

  • Film Type: Color Positive/Slide
  • Film Format: 120
  • ISO: 100
  • Exposures: (15/16 for 6x4.5, 12 for 6x6, 10 for 6x7, 9 for 6x8, 8 for 6x9)
  • Development Process: E-6 (Slide)
  • Expiration Date: December 2021