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Super 8

Kodak TRI-X (7266) Black & White Reversal Super 8 Film

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KODAK TRI-X 7266 is a high-speed, panchromatic black-and-white film offering fine grain and sharpness suitable for general interior photography with artificial light.

When processed as a reversal film, the resulting positive can be used for projection or for duplication. If processed as a negative material by conventional methods, this film will yield satisfactory results, although there will be some loss in speed.

  • Black and white reversal film
  • ISO 200/24° Daylight and ISO 160/23° Tungsten lighting
  • Fine grain and sharp
  • Great tonal gradation and sharpness
  • Suitable for general interior with artificial light but can also be used in daylight
  • Super 8 cartridge, single perf.