Compact Processor 800 FAQ

It’s Beautiful! How soon can I get CP800?

We are currently tooling up for production. Beta units (sold out) will ship in February 2022 (updated to May 2022). Early Birds #1 & #2 will ship in June & August respectively.

Will the units be made in Australia?

Yes, that was the initial plan - local manufacturing within Australia by our own dedicated team. However, since the Kick-starter was unsuccessful we have decided to work with a partner in Malaysia.

Will it come with an international warranty?

Yes. 5-year warranty on all parts.

How will it be serviced?

24/7 email & Mon-Fri 10-6 AEST phone technical support available. Includes

  • User manual covering all foreseeable issues and their solutions
  • Error codes for easy troubleshooting*
  • Data logging system to further diagnose the issue remotely*

*features/upgrade will not be available as of April 2022.

Can CP800 develop Super8 & 16mm film?

No. When we mention ECN-2/motion picture films we are referring to cine stocks that have been respooled for 135  & 120 still formats.

The processing drum is not submerged. How does CP800 regulate temperature?

The CP800 stores chemistry in tempered bathwater. Programmable heater accurately tempers bath water & chemistry solution +/- 0.2°C. Chemistry is continuously circulated through the processing drum & storage receptacle during processing we call this - deep cycle. The thermal range is ambient temperature - 40°C*.

*features/upgrade will not be available as of April 2022.

We recommend using a sous vide machine to help temper the solution.

Have you run consistent tests with tempered processes?

Our prototype currently operates full-time developing black & white film. As of April 2022 we have also tested with c-41 processing and was able to run it successfully using Fuji Frontier mini lab start up chemistry.

Preliminary tests found the working solution dropped 0.5ºC over a 10min period due to convection heat transfer.

The production model will include a deep cycle feature to address the 0.5ºC loss - the ability to cycle the entire 2L/5L volume of chemistry continuously whilst processing. Not only does this increase the solution capacity BUT regulates the processing drum temperature.

Will this be electrically compatible with the U.S. - 110/220V 60hz?

Yes. We will ship the unit with the appropriate plug for the destination country.

Which Kickstarter pledge includes the complete package (CP800 + mobile frame)?

The mobile frame is available with every CP800 unit, check 'add-ons'. Our Betas have sold out. But there are plenty of Early Birds left*.

*features/upgrade will not be available as of April 2022.

Will you go forward with manufacturing the system even if you don't meet the pledge goals?

Yes. We are confident the project will go ahead regardless of the campaign outcome. However, backing our Kickstarter campaign is the best possible way to support the project. 

Since failing to meet multiple pledge goals we have cut down non-critical features/upgrades and turned our focus toward quickly and confidently providing Beta units to existing customers. We are currently preparing our project for open source, ensuring the best possible iteration of CP800 and more importantly better value for our customers. 

The open source project will be called Farbung [meaning ‘colouring’ in German]. We are still committed to improving and selling CP800. Now the community can access the source code and make one for themselves, provided any refinements are accessible in exchange.

We will release this project under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. More info and if you like to contribute see here:

What are the agitation speeds? Is Agitation constant?

Rotation speeds are 16rpm, 18rpm & 20rpm. Our prototype agitates 10sec CW - 2sec pause - 10sec CCW etc.

You mentioned 1min rinse between cycles. What if I want more than 1 min?

The duration of every step is programmable.

Will you offer different plumbing connections for other countries?

Default plumbing connection will be BSP thread (UK/Commonwealth standard). However, an NPT adaptor can be included.