MR NEGATIVE dust puncher

MR NEGATIVE dust puncher

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This will really blow your hair back! Quick refill time for super fast blowing!

When you’ve already paid $600+ for a film camera that people couldn’t give away 10 years ago, the last thing you want to do is scratch the lens. Our Mr. Negative Dust Puncher 3000 will air blow the dust right off your lens without you having to rub the lens and risk scratching it. We also use it for dusting off our negatives and general camera and equipment cleaning. If you’re one of those people that has a camera where you can already see the photo on the back, you can use the Dust Puncher 3000 to keep the dust off your sensor as well! 


Materials: Back Silicone Blower, Black Plastic Tip 

Features: Eco-Friendly, Heat-resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Washable

Color: black

Usage: Dust Cleaner For Computer Or Camera

Size: 15 x 5.5cm

Weight: 47g