FilmNeverDie - Introducing Pricely - Pricing and Inventory Automation Tool

In-conjunction with Game State we have been developing a Shopify plugin application for the last few months that enables us to automate price changes. was one the first Online Retailer to use this innovative application. Here at FilmNeverDie we pride ourselves at using the newest technologies to sell you retro tech. The service has now entered a public beta stage, and thus we are announcing this on our online platforms.

What is Pricely?

Pricely, simply put is an inventory pricing automation tool. It enables us to price products competitively by analysing competitors listings and the rate of demand a particular product has. Prices are therefore dynamic and subject to change on a daily basis.

How will this benefit our customers?

If you are a customer be rest assured that simply this will mean better prices for orders from FilmNeverDie. Pricely is why you'll find odd prices on products such as HP5 which is currently listed at $16.20 (at the time of writing). Pricely allows us to maintain a competitive price position on the market for products such as this.

What products of yours are affected by Pricely currently?

Most of our top selling films are currently adjusted by Pricely. They are one of the best product categories we sell to be used for this purpose, as they sold by enough competitors on the market to provide Pricely with the appropriate data. Below is a list of Products which are currently adjusted by Pricely:

35mm Film

Instant Film


Of course Portra 400 and Ektar will also be added to this list although they are currently out of stock. Watch this space is this list will keep expanding.

Can I use Pricely for my online store?

YES! It's at the moment a free to use service at Beta testing stage now and the UI may be clunky but functionally it works! We currently only support Shopify as far as compatible online retail platforms go. Simply register on and link your Shopify store in the process and enjoy this automation.

If you have any enquiries in regards to Pricely feel free to email us at

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