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Cinestill 800T (Tungsten) Colour Negative Film (35mm, 36 exp.)

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Here is a motion picture cinema film ready to be used for standard 35mm still photography and processing! Create cinematic shots with your analogue camera anytime and anywhere! This item is one roll of 36-exposure 35mm (135) film. The cartridge is not DX-coded and the film speed must be set manually.

High-speed ISO 800/30° tungsten-balanced movie stock has been packaged and prepared for use in still cameras. Cinestill's unique "Premoval" stage eliminates the rem-jet anti-halation layer to make it suitable for C-41 processing. Processing can also be done with ECN-2 chemistry without worrying about the rem-jet layer.
A distinct halation effect produces glowing highlights from strong light sources.
Specifically designed for use in low and difficult lighting conditions. 
Emulsion has been optimized for a hybrid workflow and is ideal for scanning.

The film can be pushed to ISO 3200 with great results. However, please note that we do not offer C-41 push processing. The recommended ISO rating and exposure index rating for push processing however have been provided below for reference: 

ISO 800: No push; EI 200-1600
ISO 1250: 1 stop push; EI 800-2000
ISO 1600: 2 stop push; EI 1250-3200
ISO 3200: 3 stop push; EI 1600-3200 (with increased contrast)

  • Film Type: Colour Negative
  • Film Format: 35mm
  • ISO: 800
  • Exposures: 36
  • Development Process: C-41
  • Expiration Date: July 2020