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Introducing the New Nana 35mm Camera: What to Expect
FilmNeverDie is bidding farewell to their Niji 35mm reusable film camera, which was a trailblazer three years ago. They are introducing "Nana," named for co-founder Gary Wong and Wei Wei Chong's daughter. Nana brings three key upgrades: motorization, a premium metal body inspired by Contax T2, and a new optical system for sharper photos. Pre-orders are open, with delivery in seven months, at an early bird price of $225. Nana is set to revolutionize the market, and FilmNeverDie is excited to capture moments with this new camera during upcoming photowalks. Your support makes the impossible possible in the world of film photography.
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Noristu High-Contrast BW Process -Beta Test
Introducing the beta process for our new pull-through black & white (B&W) machine: The Noritsu V-30P. Due to the push/pull capacity of this machine, we have been able to convert it to process BW film, which until this point has...
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