Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800
Compact Processor 800 - CP800

Compact Processor 800 - CP800

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After a painful long haul finally, we are happy to announce CP800 is here!

With full support see

Kickstarter funding unsuccessful, yet we are still charging ahead, with a few caveats* meaning features list will need to be trimmed so that we can still produce a machine that can perform well. 

We are also looking at launching an open source project for the CP800 code name Farbung, see : 


What does it means? It means if you like you can make your own machine, with all the source code provided.


Yet we understood some still like a fully assembled and test machine so we will still be selling an official machine of the CP800 via FilmNeverDie.  Of course, only the officially sold machine will comes with the 5 years warranty, all the open sourced self made machine will not be warranted. 

Introducing the Compact Processor 800 (CP800) - our bold new no more fully but semi-automated rotary drum film processor. Effortless black & white, colour, slide & motion picture processing at your fingertips.


Upgraded to 304 Stainless Steel material: CP800 chassis and 2 set 6 ways Solenoid valve are now stainless steel to combat rust. 


Off-The-Shelf (OTS) components = affordable plus easy to source brand new parts, to makes maintaining and servicing the CP800 a breeze. 


Comprehensive Technical Support : With Support Agents working in Malaysia (GMT+8) and Australia Time zone (GMT+11) meaning we are responsive to your enquires. 


Full Documentation Meaning not only there are full set of videos to show you how to assemble the machine but we also provide comprehensive user manual and service manual. 

Full Open Source release:  Future proof + community improvement , with the source code available to all, you just need a open mind and willing heart + hands to make amendment and improve to make CP800. But in FilmNeverDie we will also continue to drive improvement. 

Large capacity processing drum. Bigger is better! Efficiently process 8x 135 or 4x 120 rolls at a time. 2x piece semicylinder configuration locks together forming a complete seal from light leaking in & chemistry leaking out. Reel blanks available to minimise chemistry consumption during smaller batches. PVC/3D print construction.

5x chemistry/1x water channel(s). Versatile for black & white, C41 negative, E6 positive & ECN-2 motion picture processes. Run your chemistry with flexibility using 12x (6x inlet 6x outlet) indexed hoses. Option to salvage or dump exhausted/one-shot chemistry. 

Variable push/pull timing. Any stock. Any ISO. Variety of customisable presets.
Character LCD display. D-pad control panel (because touch screens don't work with wet gloves on).

Modular design. Adaptable for any space. Available as a bench top processor module.

Processor module: 620 x 265 x 210mm

Heavyweight construction. Durability goes a long way. CP800's rigid stainless steel construction is designed to withstand a lifetime of wear & tear. New model will be using stainless steel exterior to combat rusting.

External Programmable temperature control, with internal Deep Cycle temperature regulation.

The CP800 stores chemistry seperately in tempered bathwater via an external sous vide machine. Programmable heater accurately tempers bath water & chemistry solution +/- 0.1°C (via the sous vide).

New Software Updated on 6th of Nov 2022 - now allows chemistry to continuously circulated through the processing drum & storage receptacle during processing we call this - deep cycle. The thermal range is ambient temperature - 40°C.

Processing level detector. Alerts user when there is insufficient chemistry for processing. Automatically top up based on level sensor calibration.

Trouble-free motorised agitation. Ensures the film is submerged in chemistry for consistent & reliable results.

Low maintenance. 1min rinse cycle betweens steps, prevents cross contamination improving chemistry shelf life. Save from tedious maintenance schedules.

Compatible with Paterson, AP & Jobo 1500 reels.

Deep cycle. 
Ability to cycle the entire 2L or 5L volume of chemistry continuously whilst processing. Increases solution capacity & regulates processing drum temperature. **

**feature won't be available for now. we just recommend one shot chemistry for now for better performance.