Who is FND?

Who We Are:

Film Never Die is the shared vision of a small team of photographers working in Melbourne with a mission to foster community of photography .  

We are:

Gary (The Operations Man)

Wei Wei (The Artist)

We practise, preach and partner (with) -

 Love for art and photography

Passionate and creative minds

Providing the best value to customers at each and every visit be it online and at our store

 Nurture the community of photography through training and providing a creative space to showcase their talent


What We're About:

The seed of Dr. Edwin Land's revolutionary idea, the Polaroid, was planted by his daughter's simple but profound question, “Dad, why can't I see the pictures now?”

The camera which resulted, the Polaroid Sx-70 Camera, was:

"A camera so natural to use it would create new intimacy ... with nothing between the perception of the scene and capturing it."

 At FilmNeverDie we vow to preserve this intimacy and pass it on to you. Our philosophy remains relatively unchanged from Land's original vision: we aspire, simply, to capture the raw nature of the moment.

Even in the age of digital photography, the wonder of the Polaroid is such that it can be appreciated by everyone. The novelty of seeing an image revealing itself before your very eyes will never wear off. This is why we believe that Instant photography is a technology that can still hold its own, and will never be replaced.

We have made a vow to keep Polaroid films and analogue films alive. Even if all other film production shuts down, we promise to be the last life line of analogue photography for our customers.

We aim to maintain a sense of community among film photographers in Melbourne and endeavour to continue to organise larger collaborative events, such as quarterly Melbourne Polaroid Photo Walk, to share our knowledge of photographic techniques and to make these accessible to anyone who is interested.


What We Do:

We love shooting in a variety of analogue formats and want to share this passion with you. Beginning with an online store, we have grown to include a new gallery and brick-and-mortar shop in Parkville, Melbourne, now we have since transform to a FilmNeveDie Cafe on 2/640 Bourke Street, Melbourne .

We stock a wide range of products and accessories, also available through our online store, at this location. We have new products coming in each day, so feel free to come in and have a look. We stock a huge range of Polaroid, Impossible and other films (including Fujifilm, Kodak, Ilford, Lomography, Fuji Instax, 36mm, 120, and other large formats). You are welcome to dust off and bring in your Polaroid and film cameras so we can test them and see if your camera is still working! We can give you repair advice and advice on which films would work best with your model. This service is free of charge so feel free to come in and say g'day to our ever-growing team.


What you can buy:

We stock a huge range of Polaroid, Impossible and other films (including Fujifilm, Kodak, Ilford, Lomography, Fuji Instax, 35mm, 120, and other large formats). We are constantly in the process of sourcing rare 35mm and 120 film formats to make them available to you through our online store and gallery. We also offer a range of analog camera models, including a range of Polaroids, Fuji Instax, Olympus, Minolta and others and aim to provide tutorials on their use through their website or through direct consultation.  You can view our product list here:

We always strive to make our products as affordable as possible. We want to avoid the high costs usually associated with traditional mediums. All our films come with a guarantee so you can buy with confidence!

We also offer worldwide postage! 

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