Our Beginnings

FilmNeverDie began in 2011 as a “Mum and Pop shop” when Gary wanted to buy his then girlfriend, now wife, Wei Wei a Polaroid camera. After finding a suitable camera, problems arose whilst trying to find film. This lead him to a small company called The Impossible Project who were selling film for Polaroid cameras. After seeing a gap in the film market within Australia, Gary bought 60 packs of film with the intention of selling off 50. To do this he created an Ebay store called “FilmNeverDie” and the rest is history.

What is FilmNeverDie

FilmNeverDie is a Photography Space and Store located in Melbourne CBD run by a collective of photographers that share a passion for film photography. We have made it our mission to preserve and grow the film shooting community by getting as many people involved as possible. 

What Services we offer

We stock a huge range of products across Polaroid, 35mm and Medium format film, SLRs and Point and Shoots as well as many other oddities. All cameras are sold with a 6 month warranty just incase anything happens. Feel free to also come in with any old cameras and we will test if they are working and depending on the outcome give repair advice. 

Forever aspiring to build the FilmNeverDie community we offer free monthly photo walks that serve as a great opportunity to meet and learn from other shooters. We also have monthly classes in how to develop black and white film that go through the developing process step by step in a hands on experience. Refer to the Events calendar for a schedule on our upcoming events, black and white developing classes and photo-walks.

As of October 2017 we now have the facilities to develop colour film having recently purchased a C41 Processing machine thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. For the low price of $60 we offer a scanning membership making it possible for you to scan an unlimited number of negatives for 6 months on either our SP500 or V700 scanners.


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