MR NEGATIVE microfibre cloth 3 pack

MR NEGATIVE microfibre cloth 3 pack

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The Magical Mystery Microfiber Cloth is coming to take your fingerprints away.

If you’ve already given your lens a hit with an air blower to get all the dust off, but there’s still some fingerprints left behind from your fingers slipping onto the lens when trying to nail focus at f/1.7 to prove that you’re the bokeh master, our Microfiber cloth set of 3 will magically fix your problems. We also use our cloths to polish our beloved film cameras and our eye and sunglasses.


Pack of 3: 1 x Pink, 1 x Blue, 1 x Yellow

Material: Microfiber (Suede 220gsm)

Size: 15 x 15cm

Weight: 5g

Thickness: 0.45mm