ProImage 100 (35mm, 36 exp.)
ProImage 100 (35mm, 36 exp.)
ProImage 100 (35mm, 36 exp.)

ProImage 100 (35mm, 36 exp.)

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The Kodak Pro Image 100 5 PK 135-36 is a medium-speed colour negative film offering high colour saturation along with realistic colour balance and accurate skin tone rendering, making it well suited for portraiture and social applications. This film has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21°, however, its wide exposure latitude makes it especially suitable for underexposure. Additionally, this unique film is intended for storage at room temperature and also has excellent latent image-keeping characteristics, allowing for longer time periods between exposure and development while maintaining acceptable results.
Film Type: Colour Negative
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Development Process: C-41